Best Wishes Clarkey

All the best mate in your new job venture.

Unfortunately I will not be available to meet you on Monday for lunch after your first half day, but I will be around Tuesday if you want to share any concerns which you may have, or want to wax lyrically about your new employment.



Got to help the girlfriend pick out a present for her puppy dog is it farmer. Hope you don’t end up paying for it too.

Coming from the lad who followed his bird to the other side of the world like a sissy??

If my bird was a boxer I’d do what I was told as well.


No need for that.

Best of luck mate.

Ah lovely :lol:

Best of luck in the new job Clarkey. Its been great working with you. Hopefully your TFK access from there will be alright to provide us with regular updates.

Farmer, Tinnion, Ron, thanks very much.

The rest of you can fuck off.

Unfortunately I’ve worked with one of the lads before and he has promised to get TFK banned before I start :frowning:

There’s a back door into TFK. A route you’re no doubt familiar with!

No, I usually just go through .

:o The fact that you even use that word tells us all we need to know about who’s really the soft cunt around here. Only 5 year old boys use that word.

Runt you’re safe enough, i think she’s a weight class below you.

What word?

The bolded one.

best of luck with the job by the way.

Aw thought I might catch you out ya divil ya.

Cheers mate.


Good luck Clarkey pal. I have no interest in getting involved in the rather unseemly spats and exchanges populating large parts of this thread.

Happy birthday ClarkeyCat.

Good to see there’s a few other 5 year old boys on this board as well :rolleyes:

Fuckin hell Mac but you’re some man for a search.

Clarkey, good luck with it lad.