Betting on Club Games

Given the current economic climate, there is no reason to suggest that players playing in a game rugby, soccer or GAA wouldnt bet on the outcome given that Paddy Power etc. are offering odds on such games. [right]

Heard of a case in the limerick club championship very recently, not sure if their is any truth in it though. For a relatively small amount of money too. The game was a dead rubber for the club involved and one of their players is supposed to have placed a big bet on their opponents. Cant imagine them getting much money on at the prices though.

Obviously players would be backing themselves to win the whole time too but don’t see how that would be an issue.

Clubs changing a Sunday kick off to a friday night a sneaky one as well. :guns:

The likes of Paddy Power wouldnt have the local knowledge in advance of games. Therefore if players were out through injury or something an even money game could remain an even money game. A lot of club games could list one team at 10/11 and another at 11/10 and they wouldnt know much about injuries etc. Throw on a few grand and you are doubling your money.

Some friends of mine who are pals with a prominent Irish international soccer player got him to engage in a first corner bet. :slight_smile:

The club scene is a good place to make a few pound. My mate who’s a senior hurler with one the Dublin SHC 1/4 finalists is good for getting some inside track. The bookies can be way off at times.

Is their no end to the moral havoc wreaked on Limerick gaa by JP and his ill-gotten money? No wonder ye can’t get a manager for anything less than six figures.

You’d have to be a proper mug for them to take any bet to win you much more than a grand in a club game. They keep them markets well monitored, often you’d be limited to winning no more than 300/400 and a bet of €50 would move a team half a point

Surely any half decent sums of money on these games will prick the ears of the betting firms though? I mean what’s the most a man would get on a limerick club game? He’d surely have to drive around the county from shop to shop with a 50 here or 100 there?


In a club game? Chirst you are innocent. :lol:

Powers got caught out but cashmans got cleaned out this year by Nemo bets I believe. Local people would know memo are in transition and were vunerablr against Bishopstown in 1st round and definite underdogs against the Barrs. They were hot favs in first and strong favs in 2nd. They lost both and bookies got hit.

For the lads who know how this stuff works, how do the bookies go about pricing these games? Where do they get their information from?

Going by Kev’s example they just go by what happened the year before and reputation.

Every small village has a betting shop. If you are serious, you can throw a 100 to 150 euro on in say 20 betting shops including a rake of them in the city. Nobody suspects a thing

How many firms are going to price up club games? I doubt a small independent shop down the village will bother? All the other big shops will be well able to monitor the betting.

Ah here.


KFM in Ballylanders and Kildorrery did club games. Likewise Paddy McAuliffe in Kilmallock. They are around if you want to put on small amounts

So we are talking small amounts now, a minute ago you were masterminding betting coups where you were getting a couple of grand on…

It would be a good idea to apply the same rules to the Provincial and All Ireland Club championships, always a few dark horses or surprises in them, that the bookies don’t see coming even if there is a tendency for some clubs to dominate eventually the bookies get caught out, take for instance last years all Ireland club hurling final, threw up 2 completely unrated teams in the final in Coolderry and Loughgiel, but even the year before that Coolderry were taken out in Leinster by the Westmeath champs Raharney and this year Coolderry were taken out by St. Rynagh’s of Banagher in the Offaly club, so with local knowledge there is always a good chance that you can catch out the bookies