Biggest Cunt in the GAA - Group A

Poll winner only will qualify for final. Poll closes in exactly one hour.

[center]Babs Keating
Pat Fitz (Clare)
Pat Gilroy
Donal Og Cusack
Martin Sludden
Ger Doyle[/center]

how did you decide who goes in which group?

Draw supervised by Alex from KPMG


very poor turnout for the voting so far

Was always between Donal Og and Babs here. My vote is for Babs the ignorant bollocks.

20 minutes to go and the Vietnamese Casanova is marginally ahead…

This poll will close in 4 minutes

This poll is now CLOSED

Donal Og sits atop the poll. This is a statement of fact and in no way a comment on his sexual orientation.

Congrats to Donal for securing 67% of the total vote. He now progresses to the Grand Final.

I thought the wording of the poll would go against Donal Og.

We all know he’s a cunt, but he would have been a shoe-in if the title was “Biggest arsehole in the GAA”