Biggest Cunt in the GAA - Group C

Poll winner only will qualify for final. Poll closes in exactly one hour.

[center]Graham Geraghty
Pat Spillane
Martin Kiely
Donie Nealon
Tony Davis
Matt Flynn[/center]

Between Tony Davis and Donie Nealon here. Both are complete cunts.

This poll is now CLOSED.

A tie has resulted from initial voting.

Finalist will therefore be decided on the basis of a majority vote in a special sitting of the organising committee.

Organising committee consists of The Runt, The Puke, and mboyblue. First cunt to secure two votes will progress.

Tony Davis - he tried to get smart with a relation of mine during a match years back.
I think it’s how he ended up with his two false front teeth.

The comm-a-tee has reached a decision and we have awarded the prize in the final to Donie Nealon…On mature reflection he is an uber cunt

I would have voted for Donie were I here. Puke knows the score.