Biggest weirdo on TFK?

Mac or Fooley?

This is easy - Cailinlochgarman.

What is she doing here?

I thought she was TippTops? He/She or whatever has it big for the Dunph thats for sure

MGG. Lock the motherfucking thread.

CLG isn’t here, she’s a figment of Dunph’s imagination.


Blue boy.

23000+ inane one line posts, each one as pointless as the next.

Also, pretending to be chums with the boys when he hasn’t met any of them is plain weird.

23,811 posts in 2 years on an internet forum says it all really

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Bravo young man, bravo.

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Struth :o

Hard to arugue with that noddy. Then again, you’re the one in here talkin back. The internet, full of weirdos.

Cant say I pretended to be friends with anyone on here. You’re all weirdos after all.

I’d like to say its good to see you again, but we’d only be fooling ourselves there wouldn’t we fella? :rolleyes:

A classic MBB post which reinforces the above arguments :clap:

I got a style Mac, that you can’t deny. :smiley:

good to have you back mate - any chance you could clean house with some of the retarded cuclhie rape victims here?

to answer the original question i cant distingush between the 2 bessiers

i have to agree there. :lol:

ive never seen a contributer so bland or boring as this coont, no imagination, humour or charisma at all in any of his posts.
his posts are boring , predicatable and every so often he goes on a bit of a power rush by lecturing posters about IP addresses or something purile. sad shit really.
the amount of his posts tho that are pictures of naked women whilst an asset to the forum in general also demonsrate that he sees women as an internet fascination and not something that can ever part of his life.
he is also involved in a horrendous clique with kev

Mac is an allright sort.

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Thats a cracking post Mickee.

also comparing notes with other posters to try and find out the real identity of people on here is a particually eerie trait in anyone …
its the internet FFS…

good to have u back Prawn BTW :pint: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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:pint: :pint: :pint:

:guns: :guns:

thats my main issue with mac- the internet persona he has chosen comes across as a bland hapless curmudgeon- as he is bessiers with fooley i assume thats whats he like in real life but on this forum you think he might have spiced things up a bit

Its my understanding from the PMs i have recieved that the real Mac is a bigger simpleton than either of Fooley, Fran or Pikeman and that he has spiced up his internet persona but you would shudder to think how these mutes spend thier free time away from here if that is the case.