Birds also known as women, girls, totty and countless other words are a popular subject on TFK.

There are currently three threads devoted to them, namely the lovely ladies thread, rough(ish) birds you would get up on and auld birds you would shag.

There are also many references to Bandage’s sister and Farmers Aunty, along with a few other threads which include names for womens’ breasts.

Posters generally display a mature and respectful tone when discussing birds on TFK, primarily concentrating on admiring their characteristics and offering certain helpful improvement observations to members of the fairer sex.

In rare instances, administrators are quick to intervene and warn posters about their conduct if they resort to hurtfully insulting ugly dogs like radio employees Jenny Kelly and Ruth Scott.

Currently TFK has only one active female poster, MGG. However her sex has never been proven and is subject to much debate and discussion.

TFK poster myboyblue has established the role of chief provider of auld, rough(ish) and/or lovely ladies to the aforementioned threads and one contributor in particular is willing to offer up some hard earned cash to provide myboyblue with a few pints at the TFK Christmas Party

Birds are to be ridiculed, particularly when they partake in sports, and their bums generally do look big in whatever garment they have chosen to wear, especially those birds who have been munching on the pill.

The board has a second new (unverified though) bird poster namely Cailinlochgarmain. She is said to be a gamey sort.

There is also a thread devoted to the stupidity of them. It can be found here

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and I’m looking forward to the interrogation