Bitcoin (and other electronic currencies)




This reminds me of lads buying holiday homes in Bulgaria and Cape Verde.


10,725 and climbing.
11k by lunchtime?


It would be, yeah, it’s treated as a regular CGT disposal.

It’s an area that you do have to be careful with, the gain/loss has to be calculated purely on the movement in the exchange rate.

And obviously, if you are claiming a CGT loss, you’d have to ensure you’ve paid CGT (or reduced losses accordingly) those times there were gains.


Yes but this time we KNOW it’s only a bit of craic. We took it awfully seriously the last time.


Disgusting post.


Launching tomorrow. Will be able to Buy, Sell or Trade the 3 big coins. If you make a nice profit you can withdraw from an ATM using your revolut card.

Have a Revolut account myself. Would recommend


Rumours suggest that Nicehash has been hacked. Approximately 4700 Bitcoins stolen.




Approaching 12,000 euros


Get out now while you still can and you’ve a roof over your head. This thing is going to come tumbling down like a house of cards.



Those two brothers(twins) who started up Fb got in early and got out last week made a few billion.


This is like printing your own money


Them Jinglefloss lads were always smart but more importantly they were always BALLSY


The winkelvii. I’d say they rode all round them in Harvard, with zuckerburg pulling the stomach off himself while inventing pervbook.


I don’t think they got out - still in it up to their neck. They tried to launch a Bitcoin ETF last year too.


Daddys trust fund to fall back on makes those decisions easier


12,505 and climbing

Up 55% in a week

Icarus who?