Bitcoin (and other electronic currencies)


Your some mug if your not on this train. I’ve never seen the likes of it


I’m taking out all my savings today and going in. Fuck it. This is a gift from God himself


It’s a rocket ship pal. Sorts the wheat from the chafe.

Everybody should sell anything they own and get into this now.


Stick 50k in and you could make 1000 pound an hour





Ooops, a minor speedbump on the road to being a millionaire


$15,700 now. Madness.


I know. I can’t validate my coinbase account quick enough.


Treaty “ Biff Tannen in Back to the Future 2”


Falling back a bit now as some profits are taken.


What site did you purchase them through??




I am going to get a €100 worth for the interest.


You need to buy Bitcoin and then you deposit the Bitcoin to Bittrex. You then trade Bitcoin for other coins


I have €300 worth of Bitcoin with coinbase, can I transfer from there?


These are the craziest charts which I have ever seen


You can indeed.

Make a Bittrex account and you willget your Bittrex Address to transfer the BTC from Coinbase


It’s like being out in the wild West. We are pioneers


By all accounts, a huge portion of bitcoin is driven by demand on the Korean peninsula and Japan. It smacks of fear driven and irrational panic, based on the war drums reverberating in that region. I’m not so sure this is a sound base to invest your hard earned for the long-term. I’d say quick short-term plays, buying the dips and don’t overplay it. This is heading for a serious dip if not bang, in the not so distant future.