Bitcoin (and other electronic currencies)

Anyone on SwiftX?

No. Whats happening? They going bust? Cant raise the xash for superhero?

Let’s just say if you were, I wouldn’t be.

From a very unreliable source

Ffs :smiley:

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Shades of Tommy Tiernan getting stung with the pea and cups game on Las Ramblas. Great story well told before the podcast went to shite.


Imagine him in the Galway or Listowel races car park

They deserved that ffs

SBF arrested in the Bahamas and expected to be extradicted to US. Was supposed to be testifying to Congress tomorrow but told them he was “overbooked” and could only do Zoom call :rofl:


All part of the plan

SBF charged with diverting millions in customer funds to political contributions.

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When the banks do it, tis just a cost of business

The Dems are fucked

I think he was contributing to both sides, just to be “safe”. Strangely enough there was a congressional hearing into the FTX collapse yesterday and campaign contributions was never mentioned. Tom Brady gone very quiet on the subject as well after whoring himslelf for them.

The flight to safety begins :rocket:

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XRP won it’s case agains the SEC :rocket:

How’s our Bonfire going lads? #staycozy

I find it difficult to believe all these pyramid schemes were scams


Bitcoin i sort of got.
The alternatives less so.
But NFTs just seemed absolutely bonkers.

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