Bitcoin (and other electronic currencies)

Goodman, covered all the bases there.

Well you can only tell how big a bubble will get once it’s over. If it was that easy there wouldn’t be a bubble in the first place.

Bitcoin mining? Is this the process of generating new coins? Htf can that be that expensive?

Computer processing power costs money.
Servers use a lot of electricity and generate a lot of heat.

Also @Julio_Geordio what is the value of bitcoin based on? Pure speculation or growing amounts of people using it as a currency? And if I was to be paid in it would the value of what I had automatically go down as they mint more coins? And what are you having for dinner tonight?

It’s like any currency except the value fluctuates much more wildly.

Recently got involved in Crypto so here’s some info which should get you started:

Get an account set up on They have an app also. Verify it and you can buy some bitcoin using your card or you can also pay using bank transfer.

If you want to trade in other cryptos then you should set up an account on an exchange such as This is the one I’m using at the moment. What you do is send you bitcoin from Coinbase to Bittrex and then you can use the Bitcoin to trade.

I’m currently invested in Ethereum and FunFair.

Blockfolio is an app I use to keep track of my portfolio. I input the info about by market positions and it monitors if I investment is currently down or up. The markets are extremely volatile!

I recommend for monitoring prices.

Id advise you to bookmark them links as there are some bogus links appearing which may lead to your various accounts being compromised.


Bitcoin Has almost doubled in value over last month.

Smart and ballsy guys are all over bitcoin


My American acquaintance was right so. He was telling everyone to buy into bitcoin, like a madman he was. That was posted in May.

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@Rocko when can we expect TFKoin

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Bought some bitcoin last week. Up 10 per cent.

Get on this :rocket: lads. This is going interstellar.

Cc @Bandage

Ethereum is where it’s at :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Heard of guys buying over 10k of it at the start made a bit of money but has now put all the eggs In one basket. I reckon it’s a flop. Might be able to make quick cash tho in a short term investment

If Korea launch a missile except the Crypto boom to start shortly after

Would Bitcoin be means tested if you were looking for let’s say the blind pension?:joy:

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Recently invested in Mingocoin.

I notice they have Niall Horan as a Brand Ambassador.

He is ideally positioned to drive users to Mingo Messenger simply by tweeting about Mingo in his capacity as brand ambassador for and shareholder in Mingo.

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Up 750 per cent from start of year.
Up 15 percent this week

Would there any tax implications for profits derived from trading in BitCoin?