Bitcoin (and other electronic currencies)


Fueled by lads catching falling knives.


The dead cat failed to bounce.
Must be a Limerick cat.


Cryptocurrencies have lost $400 billion in ten (10) days.
A lot of dosh.


No one on TFK bought these pups surely? :smile::smile:


It did as it happens. But now it’s hit the deck again.


It’s only pretend money.


The ballsy guys are buying


I have a mate who put a not insubstantial sum into a few Cryptos some weeks ago. He was regaling me with the thrill of waking up to fantastic gains (and the odd loss) after overnight trades in Asia.

I haven’t heard from him recently though and I’m concerned for his mental health now.


I’m thinking of having a small punt when it bottoms.
Sure what could go wrong?


Greed is an awful cunt of a thing.


We all got in and got out.

Now is time to buy the dip.


Which dip are thinking of?


It’s a long term play. Assets that have no function will surely be valuable again some day soon.


The 10,000 level is fairly key, if it can form a base around there.
Below 8,000 huge panic imo.


Seriously? So if it drops 30plus percent, you are predicting people might get twitchy?


It was at 20,000, so down 50% already.
Everybody has their pain threshold, even those that claim to be in it for the long haul.
The Nasdaq dropped 80% in 2000 - 2003


Anyone dabbling in a serious or semi serious way in this Bitcoin thing and even more so in the other crypto currencies needs their head examined.


Up 5 per cent in the last hour.

Come on you fuckers


The ballsy guys are buying


When the cat is dead in Limerick it stays dead.