Bitcoin (and other electronic currencies)


Dead right bro.


Every time it’s different.


look at that
standard deviation of that chart is mad , lets say from midnight last nite , draw a line there



You buy in dollar amounts and that gets you however much of a bitcoin.


Blockchain is the technology. Bitcoin is just something that uses Blockchain. They are different things.

Blockchain for accounting will mean ledgers across the world are linked and always in sync. So to record a sale, it will go in my own ledger but that would have to be matched against a purchase in another ledger.

Accountants are indeed fucked but most aul lads like us will be retired before our jobs are gone.


The monkeys doing the posting will be gone but the thought leaders will still be around.


You could go down the coinbase route or else use LocalBitCoins for convenience. It hides it off the bank statement :smirk:


Very few businesses will want accounts that are actually accurate though surely? And how will you hide stuff from the auditors if they are a robot?


They’re pretty much robots already, pal.


Myself and @TreatyStones can act as escrow agents if you want to send us funds by immediate available EFF to a bank account we will PM you

We can then buy bitcoins on your behalf utilising our contacts and experience


Self ooooffftttt


That was my point all along … and that the masters of transaction-heavy ASCs in Eastern Europe & Asia should be worried.



You can only imagine what kind of a dick wrote that.


Is this the end of the cat’s bounce?



Gold since December


Is that really a huge rise? About 8%?


Inverse correlation maybe


Selling traffic so heavy you can’t log on to some platforms apparently.