Bitcoin (and other electronic currencies)


There’s a free crypto currency trading seminar in the Clarion soon if you are interested.


:joy: 10/15 years ago it was apartments in Bulgaria now it’s crypto currency.Irish people are mugs.


Sure that’s half the scam… I asked my colleague recently had he tested the ‘exit facility’ if he had to sell, be grand he said… Took him nearly a day and half to sell them as platform was down :rofl:

A day and half of the arsehole falling out of the price


It’s a whole lot more than Irish people mate. All people are mugs


The Limerick boys have it sussed




Another ICO gone. Someone google imaged the pics of the lads supposedly running it and they found them on a school website :sweat_smile:
Shows how easy it is.

A cached version of the Benebit website outlines the basics of the purported platform: the homepage is rich with buzzwords like “decentralized”, “global system”, “blockchain, technology”, and “disruptive network”. These aren’t in themselves cause for concern, for every ICO website is filled with similar fluff. :sweat_smile:
In other words; They are all full of nonsense, so the fact that this was full of nonsense couldn’t be a flag.

ICO Bench had also listed Benebit on its site and the project had been given a user rating of 4.1 stars out of 5, only for the entry to be hastily deleted when the scam came to light. According to the Benebit Telegram channel’s admin, the true entities behind the project are based in India. He professes to have been as duped as everyone else, writing: “We were hired for community management. We had their ceo passport as proof of identity. Comes out it is also fake”. :sweat_smile:
We had his passport, it must be legit.

There are some shocking idiots in this World.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s so much easier to get people to invest in a scam than a legitimate investment.


I was reading an article yesterday. It said ICOs have raised $3.7bn, and of that money over $400m has been stolen by “hackers”.


I’d say even a modicum of research would reveal that 50% are scams*, probably another 45% are unintentional scams (they think they have a good idea but they don’t), and 5% (being generous) are viable business propositions with vastly inflated valuations.

*I’d say much higher in the ones that have come to market in the last few months


Dascoin appears to be an Irish ICO and from what I have read is a scam that should be avoided




I loled at that.

Or should that be led-ol.


Bitcoin has now given back all the December gains.
Down another 5.5% today.


Another huge crypto robbery



Ssshhhoooore they did.



Bitcoin below 9,000 lads


The Chinese must be buying a serious amount of presents for new years :rollseyes: