Bitcoin (and other electronic currencies)


Back above 9,000, the world is saved for now.


Just touched 8,500. If we go below 8,000 we might see 5,000.


Or not.



Just broke $8,000 :popcorn:


Where is the floor? Back where it started? $5000? $3000?

Entertaining to watch the bubble burst.


Well it has no intrinsic value, so it doesn’t become “good value” again at any level.

I’ve a few mates who are up to their eyeballs in this so I’m hoping it’s not too severe for their sakes




A guy at work was asking me should he invest in it before Christmas. I told him I thought it was lunacy. He said a friend of his had given up his job to become a crypto currency trader.

I passed his computer yesterday and he was forlornly checking the bitcoin price chart.


I don’t think I know anyone who got involved so I’m just a :popcorn: spectator. I had toyed with the idea buying a couple of the less expensive ones but I never got organised enough to actually do it.

It’s really a wide open horse race with 500 horses and a big favourite with obvious flaws.


You should block the site for the craic





Can’t believe there were apes here holding onto it at 14,000 saying they were only cashing out above 20,000. I warned ye lads. Thanks be to God @Tassotti sold at 14k though.


@tassoti is an expert at imaginary money.


After bouncing off 8,000 a few times, and looking like $8k might hold, bitcoin has now completely broken downwards towards $7,500.

If it was a stock you’d be saying it’s next support was around $5,800/$6k but it went up so quickly that it doesn’t really have normal ranges.


This post deserved much more likes than it got


A lad in work smugly told me at our Xmas lunch that he’d cash out when he had enough to buy a new car. He’s off to the Credit Union this week to discuss a car loan :rofl:


Lloyds have stopped people buying bitcoin on their CCards. Some amount of loons out there


Seriously? Fucking eejits.