Bitcoin (and other electronic currencies)


Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.





I heard his dog is up to his eyeballs in it


Harry is a rascal.


Bitcoin up 10 per cent in a day. Anybody else riding this crazy horse all the way to the bank

A man could do worse than sell all his worldly goods buy bitcoin and sit back and watch the money fall into his lap


Have you “invested” anything in it? I see from the screenshot that you’re using Coinbase? I downloaded that and threw €50 on Bitcoin and €50 on Ethereum for the craic.

It’s certainly volatile anyway, big swings each day/week/month


A week in crypto is a long time!


Threw a couple of hundred into it just for a look really

The returns are crazy if you had any serious money in it


Is that all your invested in?


Hard fork no.2 incoming, be wary


Just get out before it goes bang lads. Don’t be greedy


Would you call the top for the lads who have put their remaining current account balance into it?



The bubble took about 4 years to burst. But I wouldn’t give this one as long. Probably about a year into it proper now. This is almost a mirror image of the internet bubble. People confused the internet (good idea) with makey-uppy internet businesses (bad idea). Now they are confusing blockchain (good idea) with makey-uppy blockchain businesses (bad idea).

Have a look at the business plans for these “ICO’s”.

Aiming to create a multibillion dollar blockchain lottery.
_A blockchain that interacts with the real world. _
A blockchain based genomic (DNA) ecosystem.
A decentralized platform for connecting doctors with patients
A blockchain based invoice exchange

Probably take at least a year before all these ICO’s burn through the cash and be found out for the frauds that they are, some of them will probably raise more money at an inflated valuation and keep plugging on, but then suddenly a few will go sour and the whole thing will collapse like the house of cards that it is.


I lived the dot com bubble in US
It was quite a ride. I recall getting drunk on £17 whiskeys in an English hotel bar which were being bought by a couple of senior managers for a group of paddies.


Think I’ll pass on this one and go long on magic beans.



On in Cork tomorrow night. Tickets 50 Euro or use the code Cryptoking to get them for €16.

I’d say it’ll be a lot of regurgitating info that is already on Google


Splendid Blockchain event in the Science Gallery this evening with Niamh and John from Deloitte. They were both very engaging and informative and Niamh had a lovely way about her.

Already looking forward to next Thursday evening’s concussion in sport event.