Bitcoin (and other electronic currencies)




Reminds me of the Bank of Ireland share graph in 2008. It was hypnotic watching it.


Bitcoin lose 87 per cent of its value in 2015. Now is time for lads to sell everything and get in


Dead right pal.

Ballsy guys be buying in when it bottoms out.




Dow was down 4.6% today. Ugly


Bit of profit taking. Nothing to see here.


Unless central bankers step in overnight to calm markets, this could be a termination event for short volatility products. XIV is down to 20 in the aftermarket, was 145 a few weeks ago. At 80% down they can liquidate the fund.


Anyone trading that shit should know what they are at. Picking up pennies in front of a steamroller


Love that. Will be using it tomorrow.


XIV is a Credit Suisse product. Just read that they hold almost 5 million shares themselves, so if it’s liquidated, that’s about a half billion loss or half a year of their profits.

I wonder what their auditors will have to say about this one? It could of course be a “glitch” that will get magically fixed overnight.

Cunts holding 5 million shares of a product that they describe in their own literature as “may not be suitable for investors who plan to hold for more than one day” :joy::rofl:




Dipping under 6000 in places. Low of $5,949.92


Where did you read they had that kind of exposure? I’m calling bollox on that, if it was true their shares should be in the toilet this morning.


A time for cool heads and dry pants.


Back over $7000. Hmmm.



CS shares are holding up as they announced this morning that the position is fully hedged.
XIV has been terminated, “investors” will find out on February 21 what the settlement price is.