Bitcoin (and other electronic currencies)


Next time will be different.


People are mixing up the Bitcoin & Capitalist Pigs threads and it’s really grinding my gears. Please stay on topic, guys.


Actually the XIV/SVXY/ZIV/XIVH and other short volatility product evaporation is an excellent lesson for prospective Bitcoin traders. Products that have no intrinsic value can go to zero (less than zero if you are leveraged).


Blockchain Technologies ETF launches tomorrow. Something a helluva lot more concrete and solid than Bitcoin. Strap yerselves in.


What index is it going to track?


Harvest Blockchain Index - selects North American companies involved in core Blockchain technology development

Gonna be listed on Toronto.


That’s impressively make believe, what bank are pretending to admin that mate?




Fair enough, its a joke.


Bitcoin is back.


Ballsy lads who bought yesterday are laughing


Worked out well for the lads above.


The glory days are back.


Did somebody say Litecoin?


Are we at 19k already?


Litecoin is reaching nose bleed territory, last seen in November.


Headed back up towards $11000. What a bizarre market.


Just bumping this.

Hope lads have followed my lead here, dusted themselves on, put their space helmet on and gone into orbit on the way to Mars


Just bumping this. Heading down to 7,000 again. I think my original bottom call on Feb 1 of 5,000 is now in danger and we could see below 3,000.


We are due for a huge bull run in the next day or so, a potential trap there but wave suggest 21st or 22nd before it kicks off again. A great time to buy.