Bitcoin (and other electronic currencies)



How’s this going?


It’s gone the way of the ‘Dab’ and fidget spinners.


Still alive and kicking. The ballsy lads will be alright. Long term play.


It is going to be a game changer. Buy some Litecoin, a few ton is woth it.


My ethereum is worth less than 40% of what it was worth 3 or 4 months when I went to sell it but didn’t as I couldn’t figure out how to do it you’ll be glad to know.


You would want your head examined to be still in bitcoin.


If you’re looking to sell drop me a PM and I’ll be able to point you in the right direction


I’m in it for the long haul now, bro. I’ll wait until Ethereum hits the 5k mark.


Hows funfair going ?




What did I pretend buy in at ?


The Israelis have hijacked Bitcoin and manipulated it to destabilise Iran


2018 is starting to shape up nicely. The EOS spike to $18billion was a welcome indicator that the market is still absolutely insane. Things only really got rolling around May last year.

I think OMG looks like a nice mid-term bet, with an airdrop supposedly coming in August. Then it should be strong in Q1 2019 also, although Q1 is usually a bad time of year.

It might be a nice idea to have a locked thread for serious alt-coin traders, instead of the “what’s this all about” malarkey. Every alt-coin trader should be trying for 10x by EOY, minimum.






Ethereum heading for $2,500 during 2’18. I’m back baby!


Bitcoin jumped 33% in April. Those who held their nerve being rewarded.


@TheUlteriorMotive how are we doing?

What’s my bitcoin that I paid $17,049 worth now?


A lot less than that