Bitcoin (and other electronic currencies)


I bought 75 dollars of bicoin and 75 of ethereum just messing one night. The bitcoin went to 194 once and i was laughing at the not bit-cashed-up fools. Now its worth 28 dollars and im currently rooting in a bin


Timing is everything. If you has bought that $75 of Bitcoin seven years ago it would be worth close to $500 million now.


Instead im wrestling a cheese eating rat bastard for half a pepperoni slice



In the boom my Funfair holdings were trading at $0.20c each.

A quick look at Coinmarketcap shows they are today trading @ $0.005173

Fuck sake.


Time to buy the dip


I’ll post it again for the day that’s in it


Time to pile in


“There’s nothing new, no new catalyst”

Is hardly inspiring.


Heading for below $3,000


Good advice here



How much is a bitcoin now lads?




They should just give it to them so.


That’s the thing. There’s nothing to give. They should just tell them they’d given it to them.


Serious plunge in all Cryptos again this AM.


Why so?
There was a train of thought that Crypto would rise again as the real world economy went south.


@Horsebox pulled his cash out sharpish. And everyone followed as it crashed. Clearly a case of shutting the stable door after the Horse has bolted.


I’ve no idea what drives the price of cryptos.
Having said that I think the price of Bitcoin has probably bottomed and we could see a nice rally from here.