Bitcoin (and other electronic currencies)


Want to give us a brief summary?


You’ve gotten very mature pal.

CPD hours?


Deloitte couldn’t understand the difference between one people carrier and two people carriers, yet you expect them to accurately explain block chain to you :smile:


@Bandage is already on DoneDeal hoping to buy a Mining rig so he can heat the spare room during the winter and make a few quid.


Any lads who took our advice should be mortgage free by Christmas this year


They wouldn’t explain a blocked jacks.


Any chance of a TFK cryptocurrency? @Rocko


All aboard the BCH train!






10k ceiling about to be breached

Bitcoin just goes and goes.
100k in 2 years looks possible.

Any lads gambling on sport need their heads examined not to be putting all that money into bitcoin


Bitcoin now over $11,300. Wtf.


Up 15 per cent in a day.

Will be 100k in twelve months. It may be a bubble or a Ponzi scheme but if you get in now you are still ahead of the curve


This is absolutely insane


Utterly irrational.



There is still time lads


I hope this bitcoin thing comes crumbling down like a house of cards soon. I posted earlier in the year how an acquaintance of mine was telling everyone for ages to put a load of money in bitcoin like him. I’m absolutely seething I’ve missed my ride on this rocket


You have not missed yet. We’re at the moon and you can get on before this rocket goes to Mars.


Ethereum has gone from $300 to $520 in the past month


The Kinahans and other dark web drug suppliers must be laughing all the way to the bank.
They wouldn’t even get that sort of return from drugs