Bitcoin (and other electronic currencies)


Have a look at the graph.


Also I assume no one is actually spending bitcoin now, so what’s the point of it?


Who says you need to be able to buy things with it?


You need it to pay hacker types to unlock your computer obviously.


Should I buy bitcoin and how’ do I go about it?


Coinbase is the easiest way to buy it.

Its an app for the phone


And is there any point buying it?


Your 10,000 magic beans will become 11,300 magic beans within a day.


He has collect a far better return off the horses today


I bought 0.2 ETH for 50 euro.

I could sell said 0.2 ETH today for 84 euro :ronnyroar:

Im holding on to it though :wink:


None at all unless you don’t want make money while you sleep and go about your general day to day business.


You can spreadbet on bitcoin through IG Index, guys. Leverage up.


It’s down to 10,850 now.


It’s as volatile as one of @Copper_pipe’s relationships


Guys, I’m going to buy some bitcoin and some of the other ether stuff right this very moment. So I am.


Ah for fuck sakes


At the moment I have



Coinbase is down
Is this the fork?


Get out now pal
While you can


How is Funfair doing? Is it the gambling one?