Bitcoin (and other electronic currencies)


Woah, that was a rollercoaster. Back to bricks & mortar.


IG have pulled some of its bitcoin products from their platform as it was too volatile


Still available to trade on CityIndex.


I’ve lost everything


Breath-taking stuff here. Should I CHARGE or should I -


Coinbase appears buckled under the weight of TFK referrals.


Good lord!


Still hovering around the 3cents mark. Dont let that put you off though. At that price its worth a punt. The games are going to be publically released in Q1 2018 so now is probably the time the buy in.

Also, FunFair has hired former William Hill director David Greyling as its new chief operating operator.

I have 305 FUN at just under 3 cent each so Im hoping for a spike once the games are released.


Is that 305 Euro worth?


No, 305 coins at 3 cent each so about 9.50 worth


Right. Dust yourself off and get back in there.

This is like being in the Somme.




What’s the difference between bitcoin and etherum and litecoin?



Bitcoin is down about 2 per cent in last hour so buckle up and get in heavy now.


I tend to zag when people zig.


Back below 10,000 now in what could be the beginning of it’s once a quarter crash.
In other news John McAfee has upped his forecast to $1M by 2020 and promises to eat his own dick if it’s not met.


Below 9,000 now…



I sold all mine at 11.30 this morning. Got out just in time.

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