Bitcoin (and other electronic currencies)



Two of the biggest coin trading platforms down all day apparently. I doubt this will put most of the lunatics off


You’ll be sorry when it hits 15000 on Friday.




I’ll buy back in tomorrow at 7am.

Will pick off lads like @TreatyStones jumping over board

Free cash money


Buy the dip @TreatyStones


Something, something catching falling knives


Slowly slowly catchy monkey


Catch a falling knife and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day


It’s safe enough for a while, you just don’t want to be the lad holding the bag at the end.


The rally is on @TreatyStones
Up 0.9 per cent since I bought in an hour ago


I know nothing about anything crypto related but a bunch of work colleagues bought in earlier this week and I’ve been using everything on this thread to scare them shitless. It’s been quite enjoyable.


Imagine it’s a few years in the future, and you are driving down the road in an Uber, built by Tesla and auto-driven by Google software. You are in a hurry, so you decide to accelerate and pass the other cars. Your vehicle could then interface with the other cars, and pay them a sliver of Bitcoin to let you pass. You get where you are going faster, and everyone is happy. Programmable currency.

Cc @TreatyStones


Why are bitcoin purchases disabled at the moment.


No idea pal. Everybody trying to buy the dip?

Price is falling as can sell but not buy.

@TreatyStones - you ok pal?


I’m in a mess


What do you do if you’re on a country road and its a tractor with no room to pass out and a farmer who can’t spell bitcoin let alone knows what it is


That is quaint. Where we are going all Agri will be done by Drones


Where we’re going we won’t need roads


Traditional farming will be dead by 2030. Don’t you read the farming thread ?