Bitcoin (and other electronic currencies)


Imagine the smirk on @Thelinkwalsh when he sees some cunt paying him money whilst he’s drink driving through the spots…


Bitcoin in free fall

Now is the time to go in heavy


I already went in heavy twice on your advice and I’ve lost everything. There’s nothing left. There will be no Christmas


At least ye are still senior.


You’d miss @Thelinkwalsh all the same. He’d have gone to town on some of the recent threads in his inimitable abrasive style.
The recount of the outing to the Dail was internet gold.


You have lost nothing. What you have is a golden ticket. Don’t let a Slugworth tell you otherwise.

We’re going to be rich pal.


I tried to catch a falling knife and sliced my hand off


The Dow is the new Bitcoin


We need a Dax analyst


We need a Dow Transportation analyst, up 7% in less than a week.
Speculation on wheelbarrow demand for carrying Bitcoin?


What’s bitcoin down to now?


9400, getting cheap again.


I purchased €300 Bitcoin, €100 Ethereum and €60 Litecoin.




I purchased the Ethereum this morning and the Bitcoin and Litecoin just now, why?


Bitcoin has resumed its ascent


I just bought 10 grand worth of it. I’ve money coming out my ears.


When you refer to bitcoin being $10,000. Is that the value of one bitcoin? So if you are investing 500 quid you are essentially buying a part of a bitcoin




This thing is up and down like a hobo’s day.