Black Friday & Christmas Deals (copper_pipe finds us value)


I was looking at that today, such value that it’s like they’re paying you to take it away.


Do we know if these are €379 all year or if they’ve actually taken a real chunk off them this week? Is that the same TV you bought last year @Copper_pipe and you paid about the same as i recall?


Perfect for the calving camera. HD quality images piped directly to the bedroom wall. You’d see the crubeens sticking out no matter what position the bitch lied in.


I didn’t buy a TV last year I don’t think.

That’s a 2018 model, it came on stream in May. If you look at the pricespy link it shows price history.


From a quick look online I see Currys UK have the above TV on sale for £329 down from £449. It also states it

Was £449.00 (from 24/10/2018 to 15/11/2018) have the above TV at €379 euro down from 599.

Was €599.00 (from 24/10/2018 to 15/11/2018)

The one I got last year was the 2017 model. 43UJ630V


@copper_pipe’s delivery’s are on the way


If a 43" LG TV were to catch fire there in the middle of all that it’d do untold damage so it would.


The lad strolling down the top of the pile :joy:


He has the cut of a tinker coming looking for a row


if anyone is looking for an Xbox One S

Gamestop have this:

However, Amazon Germany have the same as what Gamestop are offering + 14 months xbox live and 3 months gamepass

Comes up to |188,98| inc shipping which is still a decent price.



Any deals on a shtanding desk?


that is pretty decent


I have that model myself. Handy for Netflix/Youtube/Spotify also.



Serious price, fuck it i wanted to buy something stupid on black friday. My first console purchase in twenty plus years. Does it have sonic 2?




This might do you @maroonandwhite


Delete delete

Madden, a few racing games and some sort of shooting game and it’ll do a job.if gathering dust can sell it at no huge loss based on that price. Brace yourself for a lot of dumb questions




Madden and Red Dead Redemption 2 id say is what you’re after.