Black Friday & Christmas Deals (copper_pipe finds us value)


Ships to a uk address for 178 also btw, plus the parcel motel fee to cheapen it slightly


Parcel Motel gone a bit shit since UPS bought them. Used to have a parcel delivered the following day once it hit the north. Now it can take up to 4 days ive noticed.

Parcel Motel insurance only covers value of up to 40 euro also I think unless you pay extra…

Better off going with the normal delivery id say for peace of mind.


Now ya tell me…


An post addresspal was always superior IMO.


Handy alright if you’re near a post office and can collect it on lunch break etc.

DPD Parcel Wizard is another option too.

Can get it delivered to your address or get it dropped to a DPD pick up point.


They deliver to your door now too.


That’s alright If there’s going to be someone at home!


That’s a great deal, I wanna get one but can’t understand the old German language


I’m sure you can put in your work address or whatever else.


Shouldn’t be too difficult. Login to your Amazon as normal on the .de site. And it should be fairly straight forward.


This could go terribly wrong


PM me if you’re stuck


Purchased. Great shout


If i can do it anyone can. Hopefully we will all be shooting each other is a few weeks


Mate what plug will this German Xbox have?




Not sure what the story with the plug on the German one is but the one I have uses the standard “figure 8” power lead as shown below:

You may have one lying around the gaff. If not they’re cheap enough to buy.


I’ve been mugged off completely


Ah you havent. They might send you one with a UK plug once they see the address. If not just buy the cable for about a fiver.


Fair fucks man, I upped my parcel motel cover too to be safe, great shout though