Black Friday & Christmas Deals (copper_pipe finds us value)


Job is oxo kid


May as well get the cable for the same price.


I’ll just buy the plug mike I have one of them yokes knocking around to keep me going but wouldn’t trust it long term



I probably have a few of those spare. I can have a look later and will gladly post on


Be careful with the plugs lads. If you put the wrong one on it could ignite.


You’d get better fun if you got one of these. 20 years out is way to long, for any man to get back gaming


Youre probably right but its only messin i wont be entering the online Olympics


3 clicks in to that :see_no_evil:


Be wide.


Would that be a common name round there?


I take it ya can’t get a refund on those sort of things


You could probably pick up a second hand one on eBay


They’d cost more than a new one.


A rubby enthusiast and a gamer :rofl:


Better than a pretend ra head and soccer skanger. See will the vinnies throw a cheap xbox in your mothers Christmas hamper


Perhaps, but you wouldn’t have the same regard for it.


English please?


I only have poor Junior cert German but that’s 14 days Xbox live. Tag is day.


That’s in poor taste