Black Friday & Christmas Deals (copper_pipe finds us value)


Agreed, but why is ryan mcmenamin stuck in on the right hand side?


Paddy loves the racism


Lads gone wild buying stuff in the hope it will make them feel good. Would ye ever take an hour to yourselves and try and address the gap that ye are trying to fill.


even 10 minutes of mindfulness in the morning would change their lives



What sort of a gate are you after? I’ll have a look


They are throwing these into the boxes lately. You just stick the European plug into it.


Amazon trying to pull a fast one on certain items I see.

When you see you are getting over £210 off on this toothbrush you’d think you are getting a great deal.

A quick search on CamelCamelCamel shows they raised the price about 2 weeks ago from 130 to 299 only to drop it down to 89.99 today :open_mouth:


I got an email in german yester-tag pal. Could be a shipping notice, or them telling me ive been scammed. Time will tell i guess


fire it up and we’ll translate


You could cut the tension with a messer


Wheres lord haw haw when you need him


Im terrified of gdpr non compliance


just the content, no names or email addresses


hes schnitting it


I smell a doxxing


I presume its something like this?

"willst du eniner lange schwanz? mit ein tablette, kann mann ein elf zoll killer haben. "


just the title of the email then


You did german in the leaving and got a b3. We get it.


Lar at the same craic again