Black Friday & Christmas Deals (copper_pipe finds us value)


Right lads, who’s organising the bus for the TFK Thanksgiving Party?


Tis only the lad that organises the bus gets the free bar!


hes also reaching out to the travelling community


@horsebox will corner that for us.


The only way to tempt people into that shithole of a town. A pic of vodka and red bull? Sums it up!! Lar will get drink spilled all over his bootcut Tommy Hilfiger jeans…


Got the same. It is how to redeem your Xbox live gold.

If you are using gmail there is a translate option


What the fuck is he at flogging furniture as well? He’s a publican.


He’s a businessman.


Hon Lar!

It appears that the domain was registered on the 11th of this month. Must be a new venture for Lar


given his career for chip hurlers would he not have been better calling it ?


Any good Black Friday deals in Poland, mate.


Same shite as everywhere else


A bidniz man.




Would recommend this for €11.79


Thick question probably, but can you log in to your iptv account on another device? I’m thinking of buying the firestick you linked above for another TV. Waiting for fibre broadband to be connected and will set up with iptv then but just wondering if you can use one iptv sub on different devices


You can but not at the same time.


Firestick the way to go instead of another android box? The current android box I have is nearly 4 years old so I’d say the specs have well moved on since


Get the Firestick.