Black Friday & Christmas Deals (copper_pipe finds us value)


Nearly sure I’ve been able to do it if it’s on the same wifi network.


Same WiFi could be ok. Haven’t tried it myself. I won’t report you to the man :sweat_smile:


You can yeah. I set mine up on a laptop for when I’m kicked off the telly. I use VLC to run it.


That Xbox one is gone back upto €280 on




I missed it😩


A black friday for you.

Give it a few weeks and ill probably be selling one for a competitive price.


Era feck it!! Probably would’ve gathered dust anyways


No doubt. Gamestop are doing them for 200 euros also, or so i discovered subsequently


That fire stick won’t deliver to Ireland so I presume I’ll need to use something like parcel motel or something, haven’t a clue what to do with that :angry:


Correct - set up an account with An Post addresspal. Cheaper and easier.


Addresspal. Great service. Have the firestick. You get access to Amazon prime through it which is like a second Netflix. Great job.


How much is Amazon Prime and what does it have that our IPTV friend doesn’t?


Bear in mind it isn’t worth a bollix unless you set it up with a UK address




I made that mistake and there was absolutely fuck all on it


How would you go about setting it up with a UK address??


7.99 a month iirc


I’m in the same boat as Art, someone had done it with a Revolut card :thinking: