Black Friday & Christmas Deals (copper_pipe finds us value)


A made up Belfast address ie. 32 Counties, 1916 Falls Road, Belfast?


If you get an App similar to Terrarium does that not negate the need of Amazon Prime?



Sammy Wilson
116 Main Street
Co. Antrim
BT40 1RG


Terrarium is back baby



Walmart have the value 75inch TV for 750 dollers Ffs


I see a lot of talk about firesticks here. Can you sum up what it does? I’m thinking of getting one for my auld fella if it means he’ll get the racing channels, rather than pay for Sky. Basically you pay a one off for the firestick, plug it into the USB port on your TV, and then you’ve got a million channels? Have you to pay a subscription for all the channels?


You’re missing something (here) . Probably an IPTV Subscription. I’m guessing about that. I have firesticks but I use them mostly for TV shows and movies. I don’t have subscriptions to IPTV.


He needs decent internet anyway. You need a subscription to get the channels.


Needs a HDMI port not a USB one.


A lot of TVs go on fire. You plug it into the usb on TV and if it detects flames it emits carbon dioxide to smother them. It saved @Fagan_ODowd life last year I believe.


Turns all the heat from an LG tv into a working fireplace


You could have saved his dad there, you’re a good man.


2 70cl of Vodka for 30 euro in Centra :slight_smile:


Is your mate still doing the IPTV service for 80 pounds a year? And he sends you it all on a stick doesn’t he? So therefore I don’t need to buy that stick.


Yeah 80 pounds for the year.

Get the Firestick on Amazon now and you’ll save a few quid. It doesn’t take much to set up. You can always PM me etc.


12 cans of Cider for €18 or 24 cans for €20 in Centra :hugs::hugs:


Got the firestick, with UK address via addressspal :ok_hand:


I’ll get it. You might pm me the details about this lad and the 80 pounds for IPTV when you get a chance then too. Thanks


Will do. Let me know when you have it. You can test for 24 hours before you commit to the year :slight_smile: