Black Friday & Christmas Deals (copper_pipe finds us value)


2 euro difference for 12 cans. You’d be mad not to.


I might go in again Sunday before the offer ends and gets another 24 cans…


All thr racing channels, including sis


SIS. Paddy Power TV and Sky Sports Golf :golfing_man:‍♂


Brian Cox tickets 50% off. Black (hole?) Friday


200 notes


They’re everywhere now for €200, Smyths are doing Xbox bundle deals for €200 aswell, you know I wanted one for my teenage daughter but I think I’ll get her the Nintendo switch instead


What you need Paddy Power TV for? :smiley:

I assume your man does RUK on his subscription? What about Amazon prime?


Don’t need it as such :smirk:

Yeah has RUK and ATR.


The Amazon fire stick is on its way. Can you give me your mates contact details when you get a chance?


Get one for yourself and your dad. Its sensational



I’ve just renewed for another 6 months. It’s unreal




Is that under the betting channels?




which one ,there is about 10 of them


Cyber Monday Tomorrow guys


A good price if ye bought the Xbox deal.


Daycent reductions here particularly on Jackets .

Use promo code : EXPERIENCE for 20% off


Do I need a UK address for that?