Black Friday & Christmas Deals (copper_pipe finds us value)



Get the digital code option.


Not a bad price tbf

Lad in work paid 749 euro in Harvey Normans for a 43 inch Sony Bravia and he hasn’t shut up about it all morning. He thinks it was a great deal and it was 450 euro off :sweat_smile:


It’d want to be 8k for that price and size


I’m gonna tell him I bought the Samsung one and it’ll burst his bubble so to speak


Had to change my location to my Parcel Motel address for it to work.

Me 1 - 0 Amazon


You could try find out the exact model and check price spy to see if its cheaper elsewhere. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.


Harvey Norman:



If I buy 4 of them would it do someone a year?
Do you know if they expire if they aren’t used within a certain time?


As far as I know they dont expire.

You’d get a 12 month sub on CDKeys for 36 euro.

Up to you really.


Risky enough gift, it’s the kind of thing you set up to renew automatically on your account if you use Live regularly.


If its a gift you may as well get them the year membership and get them another year for the following Christmas etc…


That’d be the right job for watching Mick McCarthy in his shorts.


There was a time not so long ago when you’d need your head examined buying a telly this close to Christmas.



Gaming chair recommendations please.


a gaming chair? :grin:
sitting there in your fucking gaming chair all christmas with your childeren outside electronically tagged and roaming the housing estate






It’s not for me mate.



Dear oh dear Fanta Pants.


At the risk of looking extremely silly, what the hell is a gaming chair ?