Black Friday & Christmas Deals (copper_pipe finds us value)


Is it not what @JonSnow posted?


Thank God for that, these adult gamers have it all wrong


For a “friend” I suppose.


My son.


Anyone of any fucking help to the man here?




The odd time I used to play sonic the hedgehog id sit in a beanbag on the floor. Would a beanbag do matty?




A gaming ‘chair’ :rofl:


Gaming Chair is a waste of money. Sure its only a chair with a speaker in it


Is it a standard chair with a few ‘go faster’ stripes on it?


Yes. Whats the confusion? Surely you had a beanbag when you were a young fella


No I didn’t, and I didn’t live in a Palace either.


Yeah but he has been tracking/spying on his kids all year so has to try and make up for that at this time of the year


I’ve no doubt it is, but he wants one. Nice to get the input from veteran gamers like @gilgamboa but the times have changed.

If you spot anything good before the weekend let me know please.


I’m categorically telling you now I have no interest in looking up gaming chairs between now and the weekend.


He’ll probably want a chair with straps to keep his son locked down when he is out with the wife.


If you change your mind, drop me a PM.


is he wanting to go the whole hog with all the bells and whistles or just a starter one?

These are on offer on pigsback if any use.

as KP says, office chairs with go faster stripes (and heat and massage functions)