Black Friday & Christmas Deals (copper_pipe finds us value)


Don’t mind them, a gaming chair will be a very nice present. You’re a very good Dad.





Thanks pal, some bizarre reactions here alright to a fairly straightforward request. Who knew there was such hostility towards gaming chairs on TFK?


Thank you very much, looks ideal.


Groupthink at its worst.


In fairness, what would you know about it?


He’d be better off with a decent headset I think


He’d be better off out of the house interacting with human beings or playing sports ---- except his father has a tracker on him.


He plays for 3 different sports teams as well as his school teams. Some fairly pathetic stuff you are slinging around here this morning, you must be very bored.


It appears you dont like it up you … as all you do on this site is sling some fairly pathetic stuff of your own. If you cant hack it I’d ask you not to be so flippant when dishing it out to others…


I can more than hack it Bob, you are more than welcome having a pop at me any time you want, but bringing my son into it is fairly fucking pathetic.


I love when you use Bob, like you think it’s gonna get to me :joy: ---- You brought your son into it long ago when you disclosed to the forum that you track his every movement via a secret app… and just an FYI, it’s not your son people are having a go at, it’s you, you knob head.



Hey guys it’s Christmas


I know, i’m really starting to get in the mood… My mojo is coming back.

I’m fucking back!


None of that is true. You should get your own act together before you sling mud you sad cunt.


Ah get over yourself, Fanta pants.


FOAD you cunt :smile:


here @Matty_Hislop±+Generic--Gaming+Chairs-_-_304414361455&utm_medium=cpc&k_clickid=k_Cj0KCQiAgMPgBRDDARIsAOh3uyK7i_ChrH7wwpwxVsROJU3DFGBsPTPbUjo168qntMiMB2JQqIwkzwMaAmJgEALw_wcB_k&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Generic_DSA%20-%20Gaming%20&%20Dvd%20-%20NEW%20(WG)&utm_term=na&utm_content=304414361455&profileid=474&keywordid=na&productgroupid=na&device=c&gclid=Cj0KCQiAgMPgBRDDARIsAOh3uyK7i_ChrH7wwpwxVsROJU3DFGBsPTPbUjo168qntMiMB2JQqIwkzwMaAmJgEALw_wcB