Black Friday & Christmas Deals (copper_pipe finds us value)


Ah here :laughing:


fuck yourself so.


Is this where we are now?


Thats how its gone now I suppose.


We are where we are


Some people think the door only goes one way —


Head down to the local scrap yard and ask the Polish lads for one. I’ve seen some amazing jobs done out of scrap car seats. I’m being serious here. Nobody wants a second hand seat these days. You’ll get it for half nothing. A few mods and you’re done.




What does that depict @glenshane (other than Sidney and cicero debating the nordie bogball)?


Why did you bother?


You’ve changed.


He’s got narky since the IPTV went down. His handy money is about to dry up.


@Matty_Hislop €42 in Debenhams


The fella on the box is an adult :rofl:


20 in TK Max


A gaming chair :joy:





List of stores here:


For those of ye IT Contractors looking for your annual expensed laptop, 14% off on Dell website today only. Voucher code is Love


Took the reprobates along to the sse arena in belfast last night. Heavy going at the start, more of a physics lecture than the spectacular light show i was expecting. Some poetry, plenty of miraculous photography, simulations of black holes, atomic theory etc etc, and some excellent light relief/comedy/whimsy from robert ince of infinite monkey cage fame.
Initially the kids were dismayed at how boring it was. I told them we’d leave at the interval, and felt like a right bollox for my poor judgement. By half time there was no way they were leaving. I’ve a lovely photograph of them listening wide eyed to prof cox explaining how a smooth ball of helium and hydrogen made the whole shebang possible.
A very special night. Fair play to the lad, not even @Cicero_Dandi would dismiss his teaching, his science or his earnings.