Black Friday & Xmas Deals (copper_pipe finds us value)



Any chance you could find me something similar spec for similar price on black friday


Here’s codes for discounts when asked on line, more for the wives and girlfriends of members id say


Ye’re all cracked.


Any issues with customs ?


Guineys doing a 50% off sale tomorrow. You’d get a suit for nothing in there.

Any of ye doing an all nighter lads sleeping in a tent or sleeping bag outside a store before they open tomorrow morning?


Havent been caught yet anyway. She declares them as “Work uniforms”, For the sake of 4 euro, get them delivered to Parcel Motel/ Parcel Wizard. You’ll have them faster too


I’d recommend one of these:

Well worth the money. Will keep the phone charge if your going somewhere.

€10.59 with Code 45E33290EA


You do realise thats second hand?

A new machine with similar spec to that will be a fair bit more


I do indeed


Exactly. Cooked with hot air. Like an oven.


You would want your head examined to hand over credit card details to a crime syndicate in Asia.


A suit in Guineys? Have you a court date coming up?


Has anyone seen a nutri bullet going for handy money on Black Friday? Be a handy Christmas present to the other halves.


Down from 89 GBP to 59GBP


I think I saw them on sale in Tesco last week.


Too dear i want stuff that’s giveaways.


I need a new integrated microwave as it happens. A chape auld wan would do as all it does is hate up beans and cook porridge. Would win me serious brownie points if I came home with one tomorrow. And I could badly do with the brownie points.

#279 30% off with the code BLACKFRIDAY


Dead right. I installed one of those LG tvs in the back of the zafira for the kids. Shure what could go wrong?


@Smark, can you let us know what your auld lad thinks when you cook oven chips in the air fryer for the first time?