Black Friday & Xmas Deals (copper_pipe finds us value)


I’ll try keep this thread update with codes as I find them

LEVI’S - BF30 for 30% off

SUPERDRY - BLACK20 for 20% off



This is the 4K version


Day 2. The LG 43 inch Telly still hasn’t gone on fire.


Any picture of the LG TV for us


He’s gone up to bed again, he’ll do it tomorrow.



The surrounding roads will be blocked up.

Surprised the Gardai don’t try and get this stopped.


You wouldn’t save much more than a tenner unless you hadn’t a drop in the tank would you?
I’d say it’ll be grand


Just passed the one in Shannon, queueing a half km down the road true enough


I’m delayed, couldn’t get up out of bed early. But I’ll be in town around 10am. I’ve one more item added to my list, the auld fella rang me to pick up a chape CD player if I see one.


It only has to do it once.


@Copper_pipe needs his own bargains thread.
He is the @fenwaypark of the shopping mall.


You’d burn half the savings waiting in the traffic to get there sure.


for anyone into running the garmin f235 is down to 164 pound on amazon uk,that is some deal, I don’t really need it but I am going to buy it


I feel like I’m losing a fortune not buying anything today.


just buy stuff, even if you don’t need it, you’ll save a fortune


Is there a fad for 2018 I can buy into now?


im heading out now for an hour to currys


Has anyone heard from @Smark? I’m worried he’s at the bottom of a stampede outside some electronics shop in Limerick. Or else he’s got lost looking for the Amazon shop.


Cockchain. It’s just like Blockchain but has been endorsed by Al Porter.