Black Friday & Xmas Deals (copper_pipe finds us value)


we just bought a place there and i must warn against paying in installments for furniture
a lot of these places do this flexi payments but you will pay up to 50% more over time
i wouldnt reccomend ikea at all for a couch, they dont age well i find and are ok say if you are decorating to rent
a good place for a couch is the furnitiure and retail park in navan, beechmount furniture are excellent for beds and tables and there is another place up there in the park where we got a couch and 2 chairs for 1800 quid with a 4 week lead time
a lot of the leather stuff comes from italy, that has a 90 day lead time and not worth it
i personally find harvey norman very expensive, excellent tho for stuff like dyson hoovers , etc…

w.r.t house alarms, strike now
phonewatch are doing install for 199 with 26 euro pm monitoring
last week it was 499 install !!
network security are 239 install 18 euro p/m with a 100 quid one for all voucher…
never seen that before


DFS do 36 month financing on couches at 0%. Serious range in there as well. You’d be waiting 3 months for it though.
When your 12 months is up with phone watch can you switch to someone else with the same equipment or what’s the craic?


Harvey Norman pay by instalment is literally the price divided by the number of months, can’t see the catch.


I found Harvey Norman a rob on electrical stuff vs competitors. Don’t know what their furniture stuff is like


they have a dyson v6 there today for 200 quid or something
thats good
i find their furniture extortionate


so 0%… ok, ive never seen that before
DID, etc pay by installemet is usually outsourced with serious compound interest
its a way of punishing poor people basically


yes , its up and you can switch, its good if you are switching around black friday every year also


maxol in palmerstown are 1 euro a liter unleaded apparently


I haven’t bought anything yet and I’m starting to panic.


They have specific offers that can be value, but in general they are expensive.


You cant haggle is most likely the catch. And they have probably built additional margin into the price


If you can get a few 5L drums you could head out to Maxol and buy some petrol?


we still have cyber monday mate


swing and miss


furniture is all about haggle
especially couches, ikea is grand for small shite but i find smaller dealers a lot better
@glasagusban probably cant drive a car yet tho so he is stuck on a bus route


Is the monitoring worth it?

I recently bought too, previous owners had phonewatch. I rang to try and continue the service and they were insisting on calling out to service equipment etc. and charge me for it. Fuck off.


was wondering what they do extra for the monthly charge. Our house alarm has phone contacts built in so that when the alarm goes off, you get a text and a phone call straight away. But there is no monthly or annual charge, just to ensure the sim card in the unit remains topped up.


I figured this. But given the price reductions already I don’t think I’ll lose out much. I’ll report back after I call out.


Jesus Christ it’s absolutely savage out here people are acting like animals


Stay safe