Black Friday & Xmas Deals (copper_pipe finds us value)


I’ve been on the look out for a small stove for my living room. Bought one today and getting it delivered for €540, it was costing €690 without delivery yesterday.


And it cost 490 6 weeks ago

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Just ordered my own Christmas present there


It didn’t kev. I’ve been looking at this stove for 6 months but didn’t have the cash to buy it until now. The cheapest it’s been was €650


Some deal. I mentioned it earlier


Great bit of shopping there, jeans, hoodie and a set of bluetooth earphones, lovely bit of grub to round it off


It is absolutely unbelievable how people get fooled i to this😂


What sort of discount did you get on the grub?


the grub was dear, but worth it


Food and shoes, the two things you shouldn’t scrimp on, me nan used to say.


I forgot how good you would feel about yourself with a few new clothes, it really gives you a lift, I feel very attractive and needless to say, being supremely fit I had a lot of looks from women walking around


Would you find the gays (or faggots as one poster on here would call them) checking you out too?


my granny used to say that aswell, I’d never buy cheap shoes


all the time, London is full of the bastards


Happy to purchase off the back of that recommendation @fran

Has it a decent sleep tracker?




Just back in the door a short while ago. My Black Friday almost didn’t get off the ground at all as disaster struck when my car wouldn’t start. This was my worst nightmare, after all of the planning and strategy I’d put into this day. Luckily my kindly neighbour had a portable jump starter device, and after firing it up I was on my way.

First stop was Elvery sports where I bought a pair of Nike runners for €100. At the counter I got my €25 gift voucher for the shop when you spend €100 or more. I was right on the button so was happy with that. I then perused homebase and TK Maxx but nothing I wanted was, crucially, going for a song, in either shop. I went next to PC world which was jam packed with other clever people like myself, looking for great deals. I wanted to study the much commented on in this thread, LG 43’ 4k smart TV. The picture and sound was indeed excellent but I was taken aback by the size of the television, I was expecting it to be a lot bigger. I’ll buy the 49’ some time in the future, when I actually need a TV.

I then left that retail park and proceeded to another one. I perused both Halfords and B&Q in search of certain items from my wish list, but crucially the price on what I wanted wasn’t leaning as much to my side as I wanted them to. I went into a pet supplies store here though which was a deviation from the schedule but nevertheless i bought a worm dose for the dog. I went to Harvey Normans then, and despite not expecting to buy anything in there, there was an offer on nutri bullets the 600 models. I bought one of them and I’ll gift it to herself for Christmas, she’ll be delighted with that.


Any black Friday specials on car battery’s mate?


What’s your address?


the car you bought recently?

good shopping nonetheless