Black Friday & Xmas Deals (copper_pipe finds us value)


Bought a kindle as a present. And an amazon echo for #bigdata


Your data mate


Probably needs a new battery soon. I have it nine months.


an incident like that could put you in bad form for the day


I don’t know to be honest, this is my first foray into the GPS watch market


What size was it? About 43 inches?


Nothing the 43” LG TV is not picking up and I have the comfort of sleeping soundly without having basically plugged in a ticking time bomb


How big is 43” in the metric system


It’s the same size as it is in inches mate. Changing the unit of measurement won’t change the size of the TV.


About 8 kilowatts


It’s a measure of the man that he is, that he was able to find a solution and get on with the job at hand.
The likes of @Horsebox would have kicked the tyres a few times, slammed the door of the house, hit the mrs a box and gone back to bed for the day.


D6, pal. Do you have recommendations?


About 4 BTUs I believe.


it was very hard to buy a bike pump today in a shop, in the end I had to go online in the end, I suppose thats the way it is gone these days



You’ll come down some morning and it will be on fire.


What make is it


I was in the mood for a bit of shopping today black Friday or not

A pair of calvin klien jeans for €79 allegedly reduced by 25%

A regatta jacket for €33 allegedly reduced from €85

Jason Sherlock’s book €9.99 half price I think it said




do you want a loan kinvara when I am finished reading? You can give me Sylvie Linnane’s in return