Black Friday & Xmas Deals (copper_pipe finds us value)


I’d say Jayo has an interesting story.
He is an interesting guy


Deal mate. True Grit should be on the Leaving Cert syllabus… a modern classic


agreed kev

underage international basketballer

league of Ireland soccer player

Cork club GAA background in hurling and football

all Ireland football winner

all Ireland winning forwards coach




Not bad. I bought a Stanley Oisin ten years ago. Think I paid the bones of a grand between buying and installation




What the max budget for a laptop?

I’ll try source something before Black Friday ends



Cheers pal


Good deal Fran, it’s gone back up to 199 now



Any last minute deals not worth passing up on Amazon @Copper_pipe?


No tbh.

Thought they’d be a few more deals on Amazon


I’ll poke it out later, but i got a hi soec laptop refurbished for 350 6 months ago. Beast of a thing. Thinkpad.


Good deals in refurbished alright once your ok with buying refurbished.

Them Thinkpads are a great machine

This is good price for a decent spec one


Looks amazing.


Got great advice from a client who is a top dog in Microsoft cyber security. He sent me the way of this lad and said basically these refurbished are miles ahead of most standard Harvey Norman laptops that can be twice as costly.

No complaints at all yet anyway.


Tough as fuck. The guy i used is in dublin and he stands over them for a year as well


Buy a couple of nest cameras - on sale on Black Friday and give a shout for alarm


Didn’t know you moved to the US, mate.


I’ve been watching it for a few weeks now and it went from £230 to £165. This is Harvey Norman’s big offer, €280 reduced from €360

He’s some cowboy