Black Friday & Xmas Deals (copper_pipe finds us value)


No fella. He lives in Ballincollig. Head of European operations or something along those lines.

Edit:head of digital scams


Some fellas just dont get it


Get what? That lads in Cork live makey uppey lives? Oh we get it alright.

Taking laptop buying recommendations from the Head of Digital Scams (!!) is akin to taking car buying advice from a lad who sells combine harvesters.




This is a proper Black Friday deal. This is cheaper than what you’ll buy it in the airport (non duty free). A ridiculously good whiskey. Its as good if not better than Yellow Spot or Green Spot at a much lower price.


You’re a fucking moron.


And you’re a fucking parody. So whats your point?


You just dont get it.

Iv a feeling youre hopped up on craft beer now shouting abuse from behind the printer


Do you understand what a parody is?

Its fucking bizarre lads think people like this does not exist.

Ye have such narrow small lives its unbelievable


Its all drink with you


I’m 100% sober at the moment Dan don’t worry. I’ve learned to shout abuse without drink now. Its been a big development for me.


Kev will fillet the drunken @Mac.


Good man shout away. Get it all out its Friday night


What would the 13 yr old be like?


I don’t doubt someone like this exists at all at all. I do doubt that you’ve had dealings with someone who’s in this role through. Likely some lad who sweeps the floors in the Apple place up on the hill who’s sold you a tall tale that you’ve bought like a fool.


I can only assume it would be nicer again Fagan but I’ve not tasted it.


Sure I need something to drink for when my new TV goes on fire



Why would you doubt that?

Are you completely retarded?

I am an S&C Coach who trains the general public as well. Do you not think a man like this would not want to be fit?

Most of my 1-2-1’s are CEO’s or successful self emoyed people.


Like I said, a parody