Black Friday & Xmas Deals (copper_pipe finds us value)


You are a very strange person.

One poster used the word oarody recently and now 3 lads have gone with it. A serious lack of either inagination or actual understanding.


Coming from the lad who calls everyone who disagrees with him a nonce or a retard :grinning:

I hope you don’t trip over your own feet as much when you’re ‘coaching’ people



It’s only been reduced by €8.05 on their website. Hardly cracking value.


Black Friday is over. Cyber Monday is next!


Is that this coming Monday?


It is indeed.


This thread is a gigantic pisstake right??


500 reduced couch (no more haggling or reductions on any of the black Friday dealss) pay over 12 months, delivery Saturday (footstool will take 8 weeks though). A steal.


I’d not bother with sylvies tbh.




Didn’t take any no.


I am off to Cork city this afternoon with Mrs c. What are the shops to visit?


Anything caught your eye yet?


No to be honest. Expected better


Are flights supposed to be any cheaper today?


I’ll pay for you to fuck off somewhere and never log on here again.


Big talk from a little man will have to be backed up. Transfer €1000 to an account of my choosing today and I’ll never post here again.


Choose my account please


€500 for me and €500 for tdb by COB today, @TreatyStones and you’ll never hear from me again. Deal?