Black Friday & Xmas Deals (copper_pipe finds us value)


Who paid off @ChocolateMice then :open_mouth:


@ChocolateMice’s missus took his phone off him because he wouldn’t eat his vegetables


I’ve put €500 e/w on Folsum Blue to win the Welsh National instead.
If he wins, half the winnings will go to @thedancingbaby and the other half will go to me.


I’ll be very disappointed if @ChocolateMice isn’t back for his birthday tomorrow.


Has he passed away?


No thank god. He did a days work for Mrs ò Sullivan and has been laid out with shock ever since.


You could have left out Mrs. O’Sullivan and t’would have been bang-on.


His fingers are tired after all that fumbling in the greasy till.


Go do your worst @Copper_pipe



Amazon have a sale on the Alcohol for today only.

No experience with ordering drink from Alcohol but its worth chancing it using Address Pal. Use Address Pal as its a mainland UK address whereas Parcel Motel/Parcel Wizard are NI address’

The Green Spot whiskey looks good value


I’m looking for a curvy telly and surround sound system.
Would I be better waiting til January??


Depends, do you want it for the Christmas?


I’d not thought of that.


Was the curve not found to be a gimmick, unless you have a round room?


Probably. I like gimmicks.




If ordering choose amazon packaging and a gift for best chance of it getting through.


Centra had Hennessy 70cl at 26e over the past few days.


Any offers on Stella?