Black Friday & Xmas Deals (copper_pipe finds us value)


€20 for 24 cans of Canadian Molson at SuperValu the pick of those offers for me. Its more drinkable than any of that piss Budweiser, Carling, Carlsberg and they’re €24-25 a slab.


Lidl 12 Days of Christmas begins tomorrow:


The wine society has 70cl bottles of the society’s own London dry gin for £13 a bottle.
Just bought a case for presents.
It’ll be good quality or they’d not put their name to it.


Dunnes tomorrow only




Have you ever had any spirits delivered by Amazon via Parcel Motel?

Some tempting offers out there at the moment.


I don’t think Parcel Motel would work as it’s not a mainland U.K. address they use




That could work but tbh I haven’t tried it


With postage on top?

Give us an example…


I’ve no idea what I’m doing tbh.


Up to 50% off in Superdry|sale|HP1|1834


Those Spray on Skinny jeans will look great with a pair of tackies. Hopefully they’ll arrive by new years eve.


You need a jacket with about 12 zips as well :smile:


My couch arrived today. Delivery was attempted before Christmas but got stuck so I had to devise a new access strategy via the neighbours. It’s a great job. Go Harvey go.


4 Medium Easter Eggs for 4 Euro in Dunnes :smile:


5 medium Easter eggs for 5 Euro in Tesco until the 9/3/17 :egg: :hatching_chick:



Am I right in saying you purchased an air fryer in the Black Friday deals? If so is it worth the investment?

I am tempted in purchasing the below

75% off until midnight…


I got one recently, it’s grand. It’s a step up from Oven chips but not as good as the real thing obviously.
Some stuff comes out of it well, some not so much. Bit of trial and error at the minute with it for me.
Basically anything you can cook in an oven, but not necessarily everything you can cook in a proper fryer.


“Turning slowly like sausages in an air fryer” just won’t work