Black Friday & Xmas Deals (copper_pipe finds us value)


I feel like there’s a bit of pricing shenanigans going on there. If you move up in the size the RRP is much smaller. So the one in the link there is massively overstated to make it look like a better deal.


You want one that stirs the food. They’re making a virtue out of a failing by harping on about air circulation.


I’ve only ever used it maybe five times and always to cook chips. You’ve just reminded me I have it, I might do chips in it later. I would say if it’s small money and you like chips but don’t have any other fryer it’d probably be worth it alright. Be careful not to buy a small one though. The one I have wouldn’t cook enough chips for three people.


Buy a proper deep fat fryer. There is no comparison in the taste.


There could be an award there for the most usage of the word “chips” in a single reply


The ones that stir the food damage the chips, I’ve had both (Just for chips mind) andid take the one without the stirrer every time.
@Copper_pipe, it’s hardly worth it if it’s for yourself, there’s prep in the chips to make them decent


He used the word ‘chips’ in a higher ratio there to my earlier record attempt @caulifloweredneanderthal


The one in brackets doesn’t count


I hate the word prep.

And product.

And a few other words that I can’t think of right now.


“comfort” food. So many questions…


50% off at Adidas Outlet

This weekend only


Up to 50% off != 50% off


@backinatracksuit can you pick me out a nice pair of trainers there to buy for myself please?


Cruyff are having a sale mate but it will only really benefit you if you have dainty little feet or need a pair of canoes.


@Copper_pipe I am looking for a mobile wifi yoke that I can use in Oireland with a local data card so that I can continue to post on tfk when I am back home. What would you recommend?


A mifi

Fair few on amazon.


One of these?

A regular sim card from three will do the job. 20 euro for a month. Unlimited data


Forgot about Amazon

This one is cheap and should do the job


Does that one only give him 3G?


Careful on those hotspots. There can be mismatches on which ones work with which network.

He should go with Vodafone’s prepaid option so he has no issues. €49