Black Friday & Xmas Deals (copper_pipe finds us value)


@Copper_pipe, I’m looking for decent kangoo jump boots or something similar


You’re asking the wrong man I’m afraid


Well spotted


I have a pair of kangaroo runners. I’ll courier them to the gate lodge of your estate.


I need jump boots mate.

do people still wear runners?


I bought one of these on eBay last week. Like living in a future imagine by the past.


looking for bluetooth heapdphones…

is gearbest worth a look?

all input apprecaited @Copper_pipe


In Ear or Over Ear?




I have these and they’re very good. Sound is great and good battery life


Anker a good brand too.


Did you head to indiependence in the end? I was chatting to a young lad from Drom on the Sunday night :eyes:


I didn’t head down no.

Chances are I know him, Drom isn’t a big place!


AirPods. Apple’s best product since the iPhone.


And cheap at only 4 times the price of the exact same product without the apple label on it


Not the exact same product, they won’t have Apple’s W1 chip which is a game changer for Bluetooth connectivity.


It’s also a game changer for brain frying. Not only do you have Bluetooth frying away at you but this yoke on top of it emitting about 3 times the amount of signals to ‘boost’ the range


It has Apple’s W1 chip pal.

I have the BeatsX. Have the w1 chip too. Toying with getting those over ear wireless Beats to shut out the world altogether while I work on my book in Starbucks.


Not a coffee drinker then?


These are great.