Bloke that looks like a thumb



That is brilliant stuff.

NCC, MGG and Ben pose for a photo before Flano pops his head in.

Some of them simply have to be shared…

I sent that to someone in here who instead of laughing proclaimed that “oooh, the poor guy has goiter…”

117 most users ever online, compared to 51 this morning.

Rock on.

New picture of the lad:

Jaysus yer man in the middle of the top photo sticks out like a sore thumb.

Yo, yo, that is the shiznit.

holy fook!!

Thats no way to talk about your da


I ate your ma’s eggs last night

flanos not me ma

Im your Da baaaaarrrrruuuupppp

Fook off Flango

Parental respect obviously means nothing to you.

That was a bit of craic. What happened to smokin appa?

Banned of couse there Lazarus me oul flower. He’s not allowed on here

sorry to hear it mucker. Must take a lot to get banned from here though, in fairness

It’s a long, long story. I’m sure Bandage would be happy to enlighten you :smiley: