The lack of people making fun of this muldoon shames Ireland.


Is a town I like.

Hi, I’m TJ Reid and I’m a bogger.

Bump of Sliotar off Hurley

Hi, I’m Bandage and I read Sliotar Magazine.

I heard a rumour that TJ Reid reads Sliotar Magazine. Can anybody verify this?

Wexford is a dull spot.

Bump of sliotar off hurley

TJ Reid reads sliotar magazine.

Anyone know what TJ Reid reads in his spare time?

This sounds like another TFK podcast.

Sliotar Magazine?

Anybody know any hurlers who endorse this?

Probably some wexford rejects.


Not sure - I heard that TJ Reid reads it.

Whatever about hurling talent, even the biggest bogger on the Wexford team, like Willie Doran for example, would never even be half as inbred as that freakshow. That’s probably because we have culture and an opera house in Wexford. That poor chap from Kilkenny looks like he can’t even chew properly.

Sounds like Liam Dunne.

Good man TJ :clap:

Lets call time on this eh Bandage. Its not gone well for you.

Wexford tube station.

Hi, I’m TJ Reid and I read Sliotar Magazine.